How to Keep your Diamond Ring Sparkling

J-Birnbach-Diamond-Ring-1How to Keep your Diamond Ring Sparkling 101

Diamonds are not easy to keep clean, especially since they are natural magnets for grease. The oils from your fingers as well as basic everyday activities affect the brilliance of the diamond, taking away from its sparkle.

Regularly cleaning the piece of jewelry will help to keep your diamonds shiny and looking brand new. Here are a few tips for cleaning your diamond jewelry to keep it sparkling forever.

Simple cleaning method:

Soak your diamond in very hot water and a mild dishwashing detergent, like Dawn. Once your diamond has soaked in the solution, use a soft and clean toothbrush to remove any of the remaining dirt. Make sure to be gentle with scrubbing to avoid harming fragile settings.

Once you’ve finished these two steps, rinse your jewelry with warm water and dry it with a soft and lint-free cloth. It should look brand new!

Things to avoid:

– Remove rings before applying lotions and creams.

– Avoid wearing your rings during activities like lifting weights and gardening.

– Never place your rings next to a sink.

– Avoid swimming with your rings; they could slip off without your ever feeling it!


These tips will help to keep your diamond jewelry like new. However, other jewelry such as pieces with pearls or other gemstones need to be cleaned in a different way. So just follow these tips for your diamond jewelry. We’ll post instructions later on how to address the rest of your jewelry cleaning needs.