How to Find Her Ring Size Without Her Knowing…

How to find her ring size without her knowing…..

You’ve found the perfect girl, you’ve planned the perfect proposal, and you even have the ring of her dreams picked out, but you don’t know her ring size… Now what? Here is a list of tips to find her ring size without ruining the big surprise!

Before anything else: Find out how long it will take for the engagement ring you’ve chosen to be made. You need to give yourself at least a month to find your significant others ring size so plan accordingly. Like anything, the more time you invest in finding her ring size, the more accurate you are likely to be and the better your chances are of getting everything done by the expected date of proposal.

1). Borrow one of her rings: But make sure it’s one she wouldn’t notice being gone. Take the ring to any local jeweler and have it measured. To make it an accurate measurement, you’ll need to make sure the ring is worn on her wedding figure. If not, you can use the other ring as an estimated measurement but it’s likely it will need to be re-sized.

2). Ask a friend or family member: Chances are your significant other has talked about her dream engagement ring to either a friend or a family member. Use this to your advantage and phone one or the other to see if they know her ring size. If not, have one of them secretly take her out for the day and go try on some wedding rings. A girl will never say no to trying on a nice ring! Make sure you can trust this friend or family member to keep the big secret. The less people that know, the better!

3). Measure her finger when she’s sleeping: But only if she’s a deep sleeper! You can use a piece of paper or a string to wrap around her engagement finger and measure the accurate size while she’s sleeping. Bring this to a jeweler and they’ll be able to find her ring measurement!

4). In case none of the above work: In case you’re one of the unlucky ones and none of the tips offered work for you, there is one last thing you can do. Size up! It’s easier for a jeweler to re-size the ring when it’s too big, just make sure that the ring you’re getting is re-sizable.

Good luck boys!

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